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After School Clubs

Below are a list of clubs that the school has offered in the past depending on the staff availability and student interest.   

LSF&B offers a wide variety of special programsand clubs to enhance students educational horizons.  The ultimate goal is to promote learning and social skills in a nontraditional academic environment.  Clubs are organized by seasons (fall, winter, and spring) and are offered based on the availability of the instructor.

Track & Field - The emphasis is on learning running techniques and participation in additional field exercises such as shot put, long jump, relay runs & jump rope.

Sports Club - The emphasis is on improving skills and learning rules of various games while having fun.

Basketball Clinic - The emphasis on learning how to improve basic skills, such as shooting, dribbling, and passing, along with building teamwork and having fun.

Violin - Professional violinist, Mrs. Karen Davidowitz, teaches students using the Suzuki Violin method. There are group lessons held at least once a week during school hours; private lessons after school are also available.  As students progress through the Suzuki method they will be encouraged to perform at school functions like the Christmas and Spring Concerts. 

Recorder Club - Members learn new songs to play as a ensemble with both melody and harmony.  This group also performs along with the violins during the Christmas and Spring Concerts. 

Drama Club - Members of the Drama Club perform and sing in the Christmas Musical and Spring Musical. The Dram Club is funded by a grant from the Josephine Foundation, it is with this partnership that the Drama Club has been able to present quality performances.

E.S.L. - English as a Second language is a mandatory class for our struggling non native English language learners.  It does not focus on homework but basic skills so students can navigate through our community and function.  The enphasis is on building vocabulary and conversation.

Art Club - The students use their creativity to make seasonal projects and crafts

Math/Science Club (STEM/STEAM) - This club allows the students to design, create, build, and try out their ideas (race cars, buildings, airplanes, etc.), along with learning how to improve on their designs and creations.