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  • Testimonials

My family is truly blessed to have found LSFB!  My husband and I knew the moment we walked into the school that this is a special place.  all of the teachers know both of my children and understand them as individuals.  My children describe LSFB as their "second home." 


As a student in the public school system, wearing a white shirt weekly to assembly, saluting the flag, and giving honor to God and country was the norm.  Today, this practice is nonexistent in the public school system.  As a parent, it was important to me that my son have this same experience.  However, finances stood in the way of affording a private school education.  My prayers were answered through a scholarship given by LSFB.  With their help, my son is obtaining a high quality education.  Weekly chapel and daily prayer along with the other major/minor subjects ARE n=the norm in a supportive Christian environment.  They were able to meet our need and I know our family will be blessed for many generations to come.


Our family would like to thank LSFB for selecting us for the academic scholarship.  This scholarship has allowed our daughter the ability to get an amazing education that a will give her the jump-start needed to be successful in high school and college.  Our daughter has felt safe to ask questions and has been courageous to try new extracurricular activities, which has given her the confidence to take on new challenges.

We thank LSFB and all the highly dedicated educators for their love, support, and guidance.  Without your team and financial assistance, our daughter would not have had the same academic environment to thrive and be as successful as she's been.

We feel blessed and grateful!!!