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Frequent Questions

  • What is your tuition?

    Kindergarten to 4th Grade $590/month*
    5th to 8th grade $640/month*
    4K FREE
    3K. FREE

    *plus one-time fees due in June (registration, TAAP, LSA, etc.)

  • Is fundraising mandatory?

    Fundraising is not mandatory. You are asked if you would like to help out/participate, but are not required to take part.

  • Do you follow the NY State Curriculum?

    We use the NY State Curriculum as a guide, but develop individualized classroom instruction to benefit the students. We incorporate projects along with textbook knowledge, thus encouraging the students to expand their horizons, be involved with their education, and become independent thinkers. The development of the whole child is important, so Religion, Spanish, Music, Art, and Physical Education along with the standard subjects (ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science) are incorporated into the daily schedule along with recess every day.

  • How long is your school year? How long is the school day?

    We have a ten month (approximately 177 days) school year that is close to the NYC DOE's school calendar. The school day is from 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to ensure that the students have enough time to enjoy all major subjects with at least one minor subject in the afternoon, at least 30 minutes of recess, and 30 minutes for lunch.