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We offer a Progressive Learning Environment.  Each student is challenged to do their best, encouraged to use their individual talents and gifts to investigate, solve problems, and apply the innovative skills of higher-order thinking.  Our curriculum reflects the Core Standards, but we develop individualized classroom instruction to benefit the students and encourage personal participation in one's learning. 

Children are gifts of God entrusted into our care.  To fulfill God’s command to bring children up “in nurture of the Lord,” Christian education must satisfy the training of body, mind and soul.

Along with the major subjects, Religion, Music (we offer Suzuki Violin and General Music), Spanish, and Art are also incorporated into our schedules.  Our seasoned faculty works on ensuring the curriculum is fresh, challenging, and stimulating to help benefit the students.  

Everyone is welcome at our school regardless of religious background.

Our students come from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, and even countries (international students are also welcome), so diversity and understanding goes hand in hand in everyday life at our school.

We pride ourselves in finding the best high school for our eighth grade students.  Students from our school have continued their education at the following schools: St. Francis Prep, Cardozo (DaVinci Program), Molloy, St. Mary's, Holy Cross, Bayside, Francis Lewis, LaGuardia, Stuyvesant, and Bronx Science.


Our tuition ranges from $6,300 to $6,800 (including registration and other fees) regardless of your religious affiliation.  Fundraising (catalogue and candy sales) is done throughout the year, but it is done purely on a volunteer basis.  Scholarships are also available.